The Chess Project

February 2020

Keith has been putting the finishing touches on his production "The Chess Project" for Marshall Chess and BMG.

Keith has retrofitted some Chess Records classics with a killer line up of friends, Bernard Fowler Vocals / Skip "Little Axe" McDonald Guitar / Eric "Raw Dog" Gales Guitar / Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas Jr. Bass / Paul "Neon Man" Nowinski Bass / Alan Glen Harp / Ralph Rosen Chromatic harp / Mark Kaplan Sax / Luis Resto Keyboards/ Keith LeBlanc Drums

Hoping for a summer release ...Stay Tuned

Keith LeBlanc's Producer Series Samples

12 Movements Of Boom

Produced by Keith LeBlanc


Keith LeBlanc Drums

Doug Wimbish Bass

Skip "Little Axe" McDonald Guitar

Silver Starr Sargent Keyboards

Paul "Neon Man" Nowinski Upright Bass

DJ Rampage Scratching

JayQuan Vocals

Andy Fairley vocals

Emperor RosKo Vocals

Rev Mitch Vocals and many more guest vocalists and players

The Late great Andy Fairley recorded a tape full of Poetry and Vocals for me in the 1990s and this recording was the perfect home for some of them. It also features a wonderful performance from Hip Hop Historian JayQuan Aka Jermain Hartsfield Doing a rundown of every rapper known in one go ! This LP is straight up live funk from the fellas that brought you Rap Music in the 70s & 80s and Tack Head, Little Axe, Mark Stewart + Maffia in the 80s & 90s. Its so funky I we had to do a soon to be released. instrumental version with bonus tracks titled (BOOM). All fresh killed meat People.

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Over 56.00 GB of Drum Hits, Scratches, Sound Scapes, Vintage Tack>>Head Loops and single hits, percussion, Drum loops. Hip Hop, Funk, Metal, Old School, African, Latin , Reggie , Industrial, Jungle, Dubstep, Electro, Jazz. Disco, 70s and 80s Funk. In WAVE, AIFF, REX2 and MULTI TRACK Formats . Recorded and mixed on 1970s Neve and SSL consoles, analog tape, vintage microphones and outboard gear including multiple Pultec equalizers, Fairchild compressors, Ludwig, Pearl, and Gretsch kits were used with vintage Zildjian cymbals and snares by Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, Pearl, Ratrod and Joe Montineri


Kicking Lunatic beats VOL 1 WAVE and REX2

KLB’s D.J Battle Tool’s -Kickin' Lunatic Beats Vol 1 - Full WAVES

Kickin' Lunatic Beats Vol 2 -WAVE and REX2

Fresh Killed Meat/ Drum&Bass Carnage - WAVE and REX2

Fresh Killed Meat/ Prime Funk - WAVE and REX2

Keith Leblanc s Essential Trilogy Complete - WAVE and REX2

“Hip Hop Hard Phat” ”Old School Beats 2020” and “Out There”



Block Party Classics VOL 1 Pack 1 MULTi TRACK WAVES

Block Party Classics VOL 1 Pack 2 MULTi TRACK WAVES

Block Party Classics VOL 2 MULTi TRACK WAVES

Block Party Classics VOL 3 Pack 1 MULTi TRACK WAVES

Block Party Classics VOL 3 Pack 2 MULTi TRACK WAVES

Keith’sProducer series is unprecedented and allows total freedom of the sound and groove in music applications and you can easily chop and edit the multi tracks to create your own authentic beats and songs.

Review Highlights

"Killer kick drum work...impossibly difficult snare work...the ensuing result is devastating...a peach...If you don't love Keith's drumming, you haven't listened to it. He is the man machine, easily coping with beats only drum machines should be capable of...a consummate timekeeper. 5 Stars." - Sound On Sound. "...the loop tracks never settle down to a routine: there are always challenging twists and turns to the sound, feel and approach. Many have a unique character, yet leave enough room for your creativity...This set challenges you not to come up with formula music. KLB's mind and talent give you a head start in avoiding the mediocre - don't waste it!." 5 Stars. - Sound On Sound," value for money...everything you need to get an authentic hip-hop and 'old skool' feel to your work...What this doesn't offer is the same old hip hop beats that have been circulating the globe for the past couple of decades. What it does offer is a blueprint for the future of modern backbeat." Sound On Sound

"...many will be getting "KLB Vol 5" phast. 4/5" - Remix USA


Many Sugar Hill Classics such as Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel's 'The Message', plus James Brown, REM, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, Seal, 808 State, Malcolm McClaren, Bomb The Bass, ABC, Charles & Eddie, Malcolm X, Living Color, The Cure, NIN , Tack>>HeadProfessional Inspiration

Keith LeBlanc's Producer Series Samples